Digital marketing

Digital marketing for B2B companies

Deciding on a B2B marketing agency is not an easy task. It is a strategic decision that involves various decision-makers, several budgets and, above all, sharing the same goals and values. Which is why we work as a team, hand in hand with our clients, because we are fully aware of the challenges and roadblocks B2B companies have to face. We offer a 360º marketing solution, because your highly trained team of B2B professionals has better things to do than making marketing decisions. Give us a call, and let us bring a whole new light to your B2B marketing as soon as possible.

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The keys to our success

A trusting relationship

Our client relationships aren’t based on obligations, we rely on shared beliefs.

A unique design

We create beautiful designs that differentiate you from your competition and create real brands.

Automated processes

We accompany you through the implementation of marketing automations in your company.

Building strong foundations

Our team is your team, we work together towards a common goal of strong marketing channels.

Crossing borders

Our team speaks five languages fluently, a perfect fit for your internationalization strategy.

Professional training

We are certified partners of MailChimp, Active Campaign and Google Ads.

B2B website design

Optimizing design for conversion

After ten years of working as a marketing agency, we have mastered the art of designing beautiful B2B websites for the Spanish market. Our designs are both brand-oriented and optimized for conversion. We work as a team with your organisation, from brainstorming to wireframes, website architecture, SEO and image definition, leaving nothing to chance. A website designed by Okisam B2B is the starting point to creating a full-blown inbound marketing strategy. Your lead-generating efforts are safe with us, because we focus on your needs from the very first days. Our brand-oriented, open source websites give you full control over your image, every day. Check it out

B2B content marketing

Content marketing success stories

Lead-generation is a long process in B2B, and closing-rates are notoriously lower than in customer to customer businesses. Industrial marketing is particularly tricky, which is why we strove to become experts in finding the right arguments to reach your ideal buyer persona. One of our greatest strengths is content marketing - our highly skilled design and content team is trained to create ebooks, gifographics, webinars, newsletters and dashboards that will fit your brand to perfection. Check it out

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